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4 weeks ago
This could have won the whole series. It didn’t even win the round. Really?!

Claudillea Holloway's 'Paint It Black' | The Knockouts | The Voice UK 2020 via @YouTube
4 weeks ago
In @thesundaytimes today, China funding @stabilitech's #COVIDー19 vaccine capsules:

Vaccine capsules: thermally stable; sent by post; two types of immunity; self-administration at home.

UK @Number10press must too.

@NSoames @mattwridley @MattHancock
1 month ago
How bad is the #Coronavirus?

#COVID-19 is both highly contagious and lethal. There is no vaccine.

Twice as infectious as flu, the est. death rate is between 2.3% and 4% is 30x more than seasonal flu.

#vaccine #capsules could be the solution: