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12 months ago
“Probably one of the most vital innovations the world needs right now”, @anandmahindra, Chairman of the @MahindraRise, commenting on our OraPro™ technology, which is currently being used to develop oral COVID-19 vaccines.

#oralvaccines #COVID19 #vaccination https://t.co/1YSqVJT4DU
1 year ago
The Conduit on Stabilitech's COVID-19 oral vaccine:

2 years ago
Tomorrow at 7.:30pm on @ITV - @stabilitech is featured on the Tonight programme "The Race for a Cure: Making Britain Safer". This episode looks at making a #COVID19 #vaccine. It was genuinely a pleasure to demonstrate the potential of oral vaccines. Please tune in if you can. https://t.co/3Q9u3P4cTj waynechannon photo